WaysForward is a focused, fast and highly interactive program designed to help with all kinds of personal and emotional difficulties - anxiety, depression, and phobias, but also relationship problems, drink/drugs issues, bereavement, work or study difficulties, and so on.

WaysForward uses the ideas and methods of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and so provides an alternative to the online programs that use a CBT approach.

The WaysForward program can be completed in about twenty minutes, making it a more focused resource than some other programs.

WaysForward works by asking a set of questions that help the program user notice and identify their existing skills and emotional resources for dealing with their situation. It helps them think through their existing coping strategies, and encourages them to develop these strategies further. It then feeds back this information in a way designed to help the person decide the next few steps to take. WaysForward draws attention to and values the small changes in behaviour, small signs of improvement, and small steps forward.

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WaysForward software is provided by WaysForward Ltd  http://waysforward.com/