Future-Basing: A different way of shaping your future  

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well. (Diane Ackerman, Author) 

Achievements great or small, from putting a person on the moon, to living the life you actually want, start with a vision. 

Future-Basing is a powerful and creative way of building a compelling vision of the future and starting the journey towards it. It can be applied equally well in planning your own personal future, to shaping the future of organisations both large and small. 

Future-Basing turns traditional approaches to planning through 180 degrees. It assumes that we already have a picture, however incomplete this may be, of the future that we want to create. The Future Basing approach begins with developing this picture into a comprehensive and compelling vision. Rather than starting from now and attempting to look into the future, it instead steps into that future and assumes that it has already been created, then works back to find out precisely how. 

By working in this way, Future-Basing engages our creative imagination, and helps to connect our vision with the most fundamental things that motivate us - our values, desires, and sense of purpose. There is clear evidence of a link between these types of goals, the effort that we put into their achievement, and our likelihood of attaining them. There is also evidence that the achievement goals which are based on these core values enhances our personal wellbeing - achieving them makes us happier. 

This is part of what makes Future Basing so powerful. 

Once established, the Future-Basing process then takes our vision through a series of structured steps that help us to identify the steps that we need to take, and the challenges and obstacles that we need to overcome, to make that vision a reality. 

Originally developed by Bill Phillips (with whom I trained in 2012), Future-Basing can be used as a goal setting and life planning process with individuals and couples, as well as a means of vision building and strategic planning by organisations. Click on the icon at the foot of this page to read more about its application in these settings. You can also find out more details, including a range of organisational case studies, on the Future Basing website.

Feedback from previous clients 

..... I was suddenly able to see very clearly where I wanted to be in a specific future, set the evident goals and detect the blocks in the present. By identifying distinct milestones for that future to happen, it became obvious how feasible that reality was

Today, a few months later, I am still amazed how much my life has changed for the better. My future is now and (mostly) everything is on track. In just a few sessions, I have acquired a powerful tool for life

......I found it really useful, effective and immediately engaging. It helped to solidify a vision

.....It's overwhelming value is envisioning a different and better future