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A collaborative approach to your development

Coaching begins with a conversation between us about what has brought you to coaching, what you’re looking for, and how we might work together.

You’ll find some of the key principles which guide the way I work as a coach below. In essence, I see coaching as a process to which we both contribute equally, although we bring different things to it. My role is to provide a framework within which you can develop clarity about your goals and what you need to achieve them, and to provide support and sometimes challenge in that process. Your role is to make it happen. That may involve  hard work at times, but if it were easy you’d have done it already.

We work together to define your goals. We plan and agree what you need to do to achieve them. We review progress and how well the process is working for you, and are flexible when we need to be. All this takes place within a number of sessions that are appropriate for your goals, and that we agree at the outset. When our work is complete we finish - and celebrate your achievements!

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My guiding principles


Some the key principles which guide the way I work:

Coaching is an investment in you. By being on this page you’re probably already recognising that you can do better in one or more parts of your life. Too many of us don’t get beyond this point. The fact that 96% of people who enter into coaching say they would do so again says something powerful about how they see its benefits.

My role is as a facilitator.  I will be as committed to your development as I am to mine, but my solutions will not necessarily work for you. You have your own solutions within you and my role is to help you to find them, own them, and act on them.

You are capable of more than you are currently achieving.  You probably have a sense of this already. There are many reasons why we hold ourselves back in life and it’s usually only us that suffer as a result. Let me help you to be more the person you want and live more of the life you want.

Successful outcomes are built on partnership.  I see coaching as a partnership of equals which is based on openness, honesty and trust. I know what coaching can achieve and I’ll encourage you to have high expectations too. Together we work out where you want to get to and how best to get there.

We monitor progress and how we’re working together.  Part of the process of coaching is setting goals, planning actions and monitoring progress. We will know over time whether it’s helping you achieve what you want and if not, then what else is needed.

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