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Commissioning effective and efficient services


Commissioners are the critical link between national policy, local service providers, and the communities they serve. Commissioning is set to become the means by which service users are assured of receiving services that deliver demonstrable outcomes and do so efficiently.


Key to a commissioning function that focuses increasingly on effectiveness (i.e. outcomes) and efficiency, will be knowledge of what constitutes quality in psychological therapy provision, and how to use data to assess service performance.


In judging service performance, how do you determine

which are the critical metrics?


Commissioners need to know: 


            ·    What data do you need to give you an overall picture of service            


            ·    How do you benchmark performance relative to other services?

            ·   What are the critical metrics that allow you to assess top level 


            ·   What do you do when you have concerns over performance?    

From my experience as a consultant supporting services to implement and use evaluation I’ve seen at first hand the variability in outcomes that exists across services, and can share that experience to support the process of commissioning the highest quality services.


Please see my resource guide that helps commissioners to answer some of these key questions, and covers key aspects of service quality, performance assessment and benchmarking, and critical metrics, which you can obtain free here  


How I can help


I provide support to the commissioning process, based on experience, to help commissioners make informed decisions based on service performance data and benchmarking. This includes:


·   Guidance on quality evaluation systems and support, on behalf of commissioners, for services required to implement a system

·   Advice on service quality and outcomes aspects of procurement and tender application processes

·   Support with analysis, interpretation, benchmarking and presentation of service data

·   Service development coaching to support service improvement


Over the past five years I have worked as a consultant to services to incorporate evaluation, and apply outcome and evaluation data to deliver improvements in outcomes that place them among the highest performing services in the UK.


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