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Tomorrow's challenge - effectiveness and efficiency


Of your clients, can you show the number that recovered or improved statistically, and what resource it took to achieve those outcomes?


Like never before, services are under increasing pressure to provide evidence of their outcomes - the actual difference that their interventions make to service users. Accountability is demanding that we move from simply provide activity data towards showing evidence of our outcomes. 


Alongside this is a parallel challenge to demonstrate not only that we deliver good outcomes, but that we do so efficiently. Commissioning decisions will increasingly be based on the twin pillars of effectiveness and efficiency, with contracts being awarded to services that can demonstrate a track record of both. This is perhaps most explicitly framed within the Government's outcomes framework for the NHS in England.


'A service may do good work, but unless it can provide the evidence, it is vulnerable'

A service may do good work, but unless it can provide the evidence, it is vulnerable. To position themselves to respond effectively to these challenges services need to be able to answer a number of key questions:

·          What is 'quality' and how do we evidence our service quality to our key stakeholders?


·          How can we implement a system and win the commitment of practitioners and other stakeholders?


·          How do we use outcome and evaluation data to show we are not only effective, but efficient?


·          How can we present our data most effectively to communicate a clear and succinct picture of service quality and impact?


How I can help


I provide training and consultancy to help you to successfully implement service evaluation, to use it in practitioner and service development, and to provide evidence of service quality and impact for commissioners and funders. This includes:


·         System design and implementation consultancy

·         Onsite and online implementation workshops and training

·         Data review and reporting training

·         Independently produced service profile reports for commissioners  and other stakeholders

·         Training and mentoring for service and practitioner development


As a former manager of a national counselling service I implemented a quality evaluation system in my service to achieve year on year improvements including reduced levels of unplanned endings and rate of 86% of clients recovered or improved.


As a result I know that the process represents a considerable challenge. Resistance from practitioners, inadequate systems of administration, and poor data quality, can all critically undermine a system’s potential.


For the past five years I have worked as a consultant to services implementing routine evaluation across statutory, voluntary, educational and private sectors to incorporate evaluation into their organisations and provide evidence of their impact to key stakeholders.


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