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Appropriate, accountable and cost effective services for employees


There is good evidence that employee counselling services can improve employees' psychological wellbeing, reduce sickness absence, and be highly cost effective. There is equally good evidence that employee counselling services vary significantly in their quality and effectiveness. 


If you are making a service available to your employees, or are considering it, there are some essential questions to which you need answers:


                   ·     How do you decide if your organisation would benefit from some

               kind counselling and wellbeing provision?

                   ·    Is there any evidence that such services are effective, even cost-


                   ·    What functions do you need, and not need?

                   ·    Are these best provided internally, externally, or a mixture of the 


                   ·    How do you measure whether the service is effective, and efficient?

Getting the right answers to these questions will not only ensure that your provision is fit for purpose, it may also save you considerable expense.


I've produced a resource guide that helps employers to answer some of these key questions, and covers the evidence for workplace counselling, models of provision, and evaluating your own service. You can request it free here  


“All published studies of the economic costs and benefits of workplace counselling have reported that counselling/EAP provision at least covers its costs.”


McLeod, J. (2008) Counselling in the workplace: a comprehensive review of the research evidence


How I can help


I provide consultancy to employers to help ensure that services are fit for purpose, relevant to your organisational context, and effective and efficient. My services include:


·     System design and implementation consultancy

·     Advice on service quality and outcomes aspects of procurement and tender application process

·     Independently produced service profile reports for employers and other stakeholders

·     Support with analysis, interpretation, benchmarking and presentation of service data


I have extensive experience of managing workplace counselling, evaluating its effectiveness, and developing national policy guidance for staff counselling.


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