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Therapy by phone and Skype 

Whether it’s because of location, for example in a remote area or outside the UK, mobility, or simply preference, therapy by telephone offers an effective and convenient way of accessing the help you need.

Therapy by phone is not a poor alternative to face to face work, it's simply therapy delivered through a different medium. It may not suit everyone, but my experience of evaluating my own practice and that of therapists I’ve managed shows its outcomes can be as good as working face to face.


How does it work?

I offer therapy by phone using the same approach as I use working in person. We can either use a standard landline or Skype. If you are not familiar with Skype, it’s a software application that allows users to make secure voice calls over the internet, and also supports video conferencing using a webcam. Calls to other Skype users  are free. You can find out more about Skype, including how to download it for free, under The practicals.


What you can expect

I offer an initial session free of charge. This is the opportunity for me to find out more about you and what you are hoping to get from therapy, and for you to find out more about me and how I work, and to judge whether you would feel comfortable working with me using telephone as a medium.

If we agree to work together then we can arrange a further session or sessions. The process is the same as for working in person and we would work together for as long as you feel you need and are getting a clear benefit than we can both measure.

Ensuring your privacy

Whether we speak by landline or via Skype it’s important that you have access to a private and comfortable place that you can use to speak, and ensure as far as possible that you won’t be interrupted for the duration of our session.


To arrange an initial appointment, or simply find out more details, please either call me on 07914 843855, or use the contact form here


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