Telephone and Skype

We have the option of using either a standard landline or internet based calls using Skype.


Standard landline: I will normally call you at the number you provide at the time that we arrange. The number I am calling from will not be displayed and will not be revealed using Last Number Recall. You are free to call me if you prefer.


Skype calls: Calls between Skype users are free and encryption ensures the highest level of security. If you are not a Skype user already, it’s very easy to download and set up an account free of charge from Skype.  Skype also supports video conferencing, which means that we can use webcam if you value putting a face to a name.


To use Skype requires only a computer with a microphone, and a high speed internet connection. Using a USB handset or headset can greatly improve the quality of the sound and your experience of the session. A webcam is optional if you do not already have one installed. Both can be purchased from electronics retailers and also from Skype.